Friday, October 8, 2010


Your head
or your heart?  

We hear a lot "Follow your heart, not your head."

It sounds so easy to say it, but for many of us whom have taken the habit to plan and think way too much about everything, its a challenging task.

"Am I going to listen to what my heart tells me?"

Your head is most often ruled by the 'ego' in the story.

Your heart is the 'God within You', the "divine connection with the Source" talking to you. 
You feel and see with the eyes of your heart, which creates an instantaneous responseto any situation.

Your head (= the 'ego') may lead you to extreme situations where you are and/or feel controlled, but also confused, which ultimately gives you a good amount of anxiety, stress,  leading  to the #1 disease in the world = Depression! And you often feel depressed because your Higher Self, and the core essence of your Being knows that you are not living your own life. So you feel down to do that to yourself. Ego brings forth disappointment because of too much expectation, confusion, sense of being lost.

Your heart, however, brings forth the Joy, the radiance of your Being, because this is the 'Divine in You' talking to you.

Nobody else can tell me how my heart feels. Only me can feel that. So if you ask everybody for their own opinion about a subject/decision that could be done only through the heart, it is obvious that all these opinions from others may not ring  a positive bell within you, and may even let you more depleated and confused, because nobody else but you can feel what your heart feels.

When your heart opens up suddenly when thinking of a situation, and sparkles of millions of Joy within you and your body, you just pinpointed what makes you happy.

When we live daily by whats logical for the brain thinker, it may get hard and complicated. Simplifying your life with less thinking and more heartfelt moments may lead you to live your own life and therefore, feel totally happy and serene in any situation.

So do you wish to live by your head, or by your heart?

From my heart to yours,

Frederic Delarue

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