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Waking up from deep coma

Waking up 
from deep coma

I received a phone call a few months ago from a lady whom, after reading my book 'Eyes of Your Heart', had questions regarding a member of her family being in the deep coma from a motorcycle accident.
I shared how I had felt in the deep coma, and the difference between being in a deep coma and a Near-Death Experience.
I asked her about her behavior when she goes visit her nephew in the coma at the hospital? Does she cry? Does she speak loud? Does she beg him for coming back? What is the signal she sends out to him?

Amazingly, most people in that situation, will do the opposite of what should be done.
Let me explain my own experience:  In the deep coma, I could hear everything, with the sound multiplied by x100 and with echoes. What it means, is that, I could hear a whisper yards away as if the person was standing next to me; and when people would cry, it would turn out to be like an aggressive noise in my head. Even people's emotional pain/suffering would translate as a sound frequency that would feel so horrible to me (while being in the coma) -- Understand that, being in the coma, means that you are between two worlds: the world of unconditional pure and warm Light, and the world of Earth,  more physical and therefore, heavy;--
Now imagine this. You are in the deep coma between these two worlds. Someone (probably a loved one) is sitting next to you, cries and demonstrates her pain, in your presence, while inviting you to 'come back'.
The cries would feel to you, like a very aggressive and loud noise, complemented of a very emotional pain, that is almost unbearable.  Which way would you take? The peaceful gentle Light or the earthly drama painful way?  In the same type, would you rather choose a life partner that is peaceful, gentle, or someone that makes drama and makes you feel stressed?
Without a doubt, you would choose the Light, the Unconditional Peace!

Crying and demonstrating your pain in front of someone who is in the coma, can bring forth the opposite outcome of what you had wished so hard.

Going back to the story, this charming lady tells me that she probably did not do the right thing then.
So I explained her how to behave:
*to leave her emotional pain and suffering behind, before she approaches even the hospital
*to force herself to be joyful inside of her, meaning confident that all that is, is what supposed to be (This is called Faith! I mean, total blind faith.)
*to talk very gently, or to talk mentally to him
*to explain him where he is at, and that, no matter which way he chooses to go, you are OK with it (and mean it!) Nothing is more terrible than a lie, or a word that is not meant, sincerely. Remember: when you are in the coma, you can sense EVERYTHING but cannot respond to anything!

Understand that you got to prove him, in a way, that Life on Earth is as Good as Life in the Light!
Between peace and drama, you choose peace, so remember to be peace when you visit someone in the coma. This is the only way to invite that person to come back and continue his journey on earth.

She asked me if there would be any of my CDs that could help to this. So intuitively, I felt guided to tell her that the CD "Reflection" may help. This CD is low key, gentle, not imposing, soothing, yet with mostly piano sounds.
Piano is physical, material, from Earth. So it is used, in this case, as a grounding tool, as a gentle soothing invitation to ground himself to soothing and peaceful Earth.
She called me back a few days later, to let me know that he woke up, while playing the CD to him at low volume, which I had highly suggested.

Remember, in the coma, I could hear every single feeling as a sound, and every single sound was awfully amplified.

When I was in the coma, and my dad came in the ambulance, I mentally told the nurse attributed to this task, to get my dad out. In the instant, the nurse told my dad to get out. I knew, that if my dad had stayed in the ambulance, crying, blaming himself, etc. I would have gone the other way, which is the Light way! In the coma, you cannot respond. You can only be patient, or choose one way or the other. When it becomes too unbearable of noise, of cries, of loudness and too painful, you gotta go... in the Light.

So please, share these words with anyone you know who may have someone in this situation.
From my heart to yours,
Frederic Delarue

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2013 vs. 2012

2013 vs. 2012

This is a topic that many have talked in the last years.
What is going to happen in 2012?
Is anything going to happen in 2012?

The World has known for a long time (well at least since the beginning of Time, as we know it), that fear control people and make them do & think whatever their 'Government' wants them to do. That's nothing new. But being aware of it, could make the whole difference in the world.

Of course, everybody talks about 2012, and what do you hear? The end of the world, etc. More fears... Remember, your Government will always have the medicine/solution to what they may have co-created. It will go by steps of fears, and more fears, till you see what they offer you, as the only solution, and you will embrace it and perhaps even honor them for 'saving' you. I am not trying to become political here, but during my Near-Death Experience, I received the gift of clarity, and it is my duty to present you with something to make you think, or to meditate about with an open heart and mind.

In our Society, if people had more clarity on who they truly are, Governments would have no control and no power on anybody. Most people look like 'zombies' walking, sleeping, going to work, driving, without even having any conscious on who they are and what they are doing and why they are doing it.
They are just doing things...
Will that last for ever?
Of course, not!

2012 vs. 2013 is the big battle between those who like to entertain the fears (2012) and those who like to wish or believe or just know, deep inside, that a New Age 'the Age of Light' is finally coming (2013). And I am not talking here of the New Age Movement of the 60's .

2012 is often mentioned as the end of the world. If you have read my book "Eyes of Your Heart",  you know that anything occurring around you is like an illusion, which takes either
a painful reality or a blessing in disguise reality, depending on the perception you have about a particular event.

2012 has been a great tool for those who want to entertain the fears toward humanity. The Mayan calendar is ending. So does that really mean it is the end of the end? Or could that
simply symbolize just a new beginning.

Well the end of something is always a new beginning anyway. A physical death is a new beginning for the soul to another dimension, that has a global vision and clarity of it all.

Two wonderful people, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, that
I met when I was invited to play my music in Washington DC last August, talked about it as they now live with the Mayans. If you are interested, you can read their book by clicking here.
They asked the Mayans "So is 2012 the end of the World?" The Mayans just laughed out loud and said that the Mayan Stone Calendar ends in 2012, only because the World will not need to write in stone anymore, as we enter in the World of Light.

My take on this, is that the stone symbolizes the material world, the greed, the pollution that has fooled many minds into darkness. We see the change, from books to internet, which shows the transition from paper to virtual. So maybe one day will we be able to read books, and anything, in the Light of the clarity of our minds?

That is why I always like to listen to the Dolphins... A Message of Love CD quite often, each time I feel heaviness in my surrounding. It washes the negative emotions, like waves of love, entering all aspects of my Beings.

So, should we be worried about 2012 ? Well, the world is taking a major shift, that did not occur for so long. So of course, natural elements will shift with it,  presenting us with more unusual natural 'changes'.
The North Pole has already started its course to move from Greenland toward Siberia, which will have an impact on the climate change. The World Economic collapse of the industrialized Nations follows also this example, going from material world to a more spiritual world. Everything always happens for a reason. People losing their homes feel the world betrayed them, for not owing anything anymore, while this guy, Derek Sivers, founder of the empire of CD Baby & HostBaby, to help musicians, gave everything he owed for finding freedom, using the divine resources of his mind. Click here to read it. Its worth it. It feels like we are given always and more and more opportunities to feel and touch the beauty of freedom. Of course, during a transition time like this one, its not easy to lose your home when you have a family to cherish, and when the industrialized Society taught you for ever to believe, that you are worth something, only when you owe something. So we owe a house, a car, a dog, and in many cases, a wife or husband. I may sound silly to you for saying that, but, in reality, this is what happens most of the time, in most families. Just because we do things without taking the time to know why we do things that way. So we have no global vision of it. And if we do not know how to feel and see through the eyes of our heart, we do not see anything and we keep living that illusion that was presented to us, for our convenience ;) It reminds me one of my favorite US movie, closer to reality that we may think: The Truman Show.

I hope this little discussion was helpful to you, and opened your eyes, in case they were not yet open :)
With kindness and Gratitude to you.

From my heart to yours,
Frederic Delarue

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


EYES OF YOUR HEART, The CD and The Book!
The CD
Eyes Of Your Heart (CD)
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Music for your Soul, August 3, 2009
By Kathy W (Baltimore) (TOP 500 REVIEWER on 
Three tragic incidents:
Three blessings in disguise!

An inspirational and autobiographical book
Having had a Near Death Experience at age 12, becoming temporarily paralyzed at age 30 and later being visited by Jesus at age 40, Frederic Delarue, a native of Chartres, France, has had many opportunities to see and experience the Blessings and the Light out of the tunnel.

Written from the depth of this man's heart, Frederic guides us through a very inspirational and unique journey while teaching and motivating us to see and accept the luminous side in every event occurring in our lives, from a wider perspective than just the one we usually see with only our physical eyes.

Through acceptance, and surrender, Frederic motivates you to discover the true radiance of your being, and let the eyes of your heart be the foundation of your life, with a heartfelt sincerity.

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Excellent Spiritual Reading, August 15, 2009  By Kathy Parsons (TOP 500 REVIEWER on - 

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Friday, October 8, 2010


The world is changing, the universe is shifting, people are awakening, and we all experience the raising vibrational frequency with or without awareness of it. It is a time in History where we are all invited to look in the eyes of our hearts to see and feel the clarity in everything.
The truth is now unfolding and it is been revealed to the eyes of those who allow themselves to see.

Many people have recently experienced loss of material things. If we choose to judge, we can blame the Governments worldwide for letting that happen and using our tax money unaccordingly. If we choose to see the positive side of the occurring shift, and as we are moving into the Aquarius Era (the Spiritual Era), these events are opportunities for us to connect again to the Source, and to recollect who we truly are and the essential in life.

We have to remember that we are souls before anything, souls living a human experience. We have been used to take the material things for granted during the last century and more so in the last 60 years. The abuse of the increasing need of material things consequently led to the detriment of our planet. There is a time now to see what is essential and use our knowledge, experience and experiment throughout the ages to live more in harmony and in respect with our environment, with Nature.

Many times, I noticed in different cities or what became suburban areas that Nature was destroyed for the building of homes. Could we build our homes with respect of Nature?

There is this time in the now where we are invited to rethink how to live with more respect towards Nature, our planet and ourselves.

If we take in consideration the power of the universal law of attraction, we receive what we send out. If we send out the destruction of nature for our own selfishness, we will receive the same energy. Do we really want to contribute to the destruction of our planet and by consequence of ourselves?

Appreciate the simple things in life, the simple and essential foods, a simple walk in nature while looking and observing every living element of nature whether it is a rock, a flower, a plant, a tree, a crystal, and so forth.

These words are not a statement but only thoughts of wisdom that we are invited to meditate on.

Much Loving Peace to all of you.

Frederic Delarue


The Power of Silence
Imagine taking a CD that you know is blank and put it in a CD player and listen to the power that silence provides you when you pay attention to it. You may think that silence is nothing, but in the nothingness of 'nothing', there is everything. Like when someone thinks he knows everything, very often, it tells you right there that he knows nothing just because he tries so hard to make a big deal of the little that he knows. (smile)

A great masseur in the Palm Desert Healing Arts Center told me one day that since he is blind, he was able to see much more than ever before. We should all meditate to this sentence... because of this, he is able to see exactly where and why you hurt. Isn't that the total truth? Our physical eyes limit us to see beyond...

This goes to my first Near Death Experience at age 12 when I realized that what we see with our physical eyes is only 15% of what is. Imagine if you were able to see the other 85% out there.  

Frederic Delarue


On this day of September 28, 2009 I was working on my computer at home when suddenly I felt an urge to go out on my terrasse. Of course, as usual I looked up at the sky first and I saw an unusual cloud all by itself in the middle of this vivid clear blue sky. I started taking pictures, then like I explain it in my book, started to observe it with more intensity till I saw what normally the physical eyes do not capture.
I could see a line like a tail of the cloud, like an energy being originated from the cloud. It is very subtle but I took a picture because usually pictures sometimes may show things that are univisible to the eye. From experience, I learned that from taking pictures of spirits, faires in the forest.
Later on that evening, I played with the contrast editing tool and you will see what I mean when you look up at those pictures that I put online for you to see right here. What was so subtle to the eye, even by focusing on the subject appeared to be a spectacular picture. We do not always pay attention to what is beyond what our eyes can see. From my NDE at age 12, I knew that our eyes can only see 15% at the most of what is, so imagine with a little patience and practice the other 85% that is for you to see through the eyes of your heart.

Fairies will show themselves to you when you radiate pure love from your heart. Then if you focus in seeing them with your physical eyes, you may or may not see them. But if you relax, take a picture while communicating through the eyes of your heart, the fairies may appear on your picture ;-)

Have fun experiencing... Automn is a great season to do that.

Photos of Clouds in English

Photos des Nuages en Francais 

From my Heart to Yours,
Frederic Delarue



 --This story is not in the book: "Eyes of Your Heart"--

        Ecrosnes, France. At the time every single young man in their 20s had the mandatory obligation to spend one year of their life in the army. 
I had had one of the greater scores in a IQ test, which gives you the opportunity to request the department in which you want to honor your duty, and I had asked the army counseling officer to be a musician, or to be a soldier on land or in the navy. Because of the history of cranal fractures from the car accident I had experienced at age 12, the change of elevation would sometimes make me dizzy, like in fast elevators, therefore my doctor precisely documentated that the only department that I could not honor was in the parachutism. I could die if I lost consciousness in the air.
         When the letter for deployment arrived in the mail, I was very excited. While opening it, I read that I was being deployed 2 weeks later as a paratrooper in Dieuze, France (east of Nancy.) I could not believe it! However, I knew it might have been an error, so I did not stress out about it and thought I would explain them once there. It was too late to make a claim and not going would result in doing jail time. 
         While arriving to the military quarter of Dieuze, I quickly realized that it was not going to be a happy time/
year of service. Not only, Dieuze was considered as the highest rank as a paratrooper quarter (those being first at going to wars) but it was also a disciplinary camp.

I wondered "why am I here?" It was just horrible.

I was experiencing a physical manifestation of human-made hell --which is anyway what hell is anyway--.  Despite all types of crazy army training camps we had to do, from 
pretending being at wars with the enemy (to me, they were the enemy -lol), walking for days and nights for miles in the freezing temperatures of the winter in the east of France, from being forced to lay in cold mud, and sleeping next to each other with our wet cold clothes on the concrete floor of a building with our hands holding firmly our guns. However, even though I was lousy in most physical exercises, I was one of the best at running miles and miles with extremely heavy bags on our back, which was surprising every one. Among all this, the problem I was having was not the training camps but from the fact some of the sous- officers in training were finding lots of sarcastic and sadistic pleasures, beating us with their boots, and my common sense told me that it was not part of our contract at the army.

        I tried to send letters to my parents, that never arrived for being seized and confiscated by sous officers. However I grabbed my chance during Christmas. Everybody was eating and drinking heavily, and well too busy to puke all over the place in the camp while singing very loud macho songs we were required to sing (the type that makes a woman a slave and an object of a man). It was a ritual and an order to sing those songs loud and proud. What a folly of mentally disturbed souls! However, I saw this event as my only opportunity. I run to the phone booth and told the officer there that I needed to give a quick phone call. Usually they would refuse me the right to use the phone, but for some angelic reason, in that holy night, this guy let me call my parents and I knew/felt he would not report me. He was my earthly angel. My dad picked up the phone, and within 5 minutes, I was telling him all about this living hell, and more amazingly, I was totally guided to tell him, step by step, what to do in order to get me out of there, before its too late (before they force me to jump off their damn planes --because it is textually what they told me they would do--.)   How would I know who to contact? It was of course the voice of the Angels speaking through my heart.  I hung up.  A few weeks later, I was called in front of the barracks captain. I was the very first guy to be called to his office, so I knew something major was going on. From that day, every single man among the thousands of soldiers in the camp knew my name. The captain told me that he received a letter from the Elysees Palace, from the French Minister of Defense himself stating that I complained about being beaten up by officers in training. The Minister added in his letter to the barracks captain of Dieuze that in the event he would receive another complaint from me, he would investigate thoroughly, which could result in the permanent closure of the camp. The captain asked me whether this was my complaint, which I confirmed.

He then asked me "If I bring all the soldiers and officers in the middle of the yard of the camp, would you be able to point which officers have been beating you up?" I said with total and firm peace 'Yes."

        All the other men in my dorm wanted to give support and report the officers that were beating them also. These officers were taking lots of pleasures at abusing of their authority to render another man as a state of slavery. The big day arrived.  When the barracks Captain asked me to point the officers, the officers in training gave me a look, a sign and loudly whispered that they will kill me later on if I say anything. It was frightening at first but suddenly, such as the bright Light that I had seen during my Near-Death Experience at age 12, I felt in total peace and harmony with my Self, felt the strength of the Angels, of the Christ, of God within me, and I felt completely confident, safe and protected. I then pointed the officers. They could not believe I had just done that and braved their threats.

For that reason,I was the only one among the thousands of soldiers not to have the right to wear the paratrooper red beret. Everybody seemed to hate me, for dishonoring our camp but most probably because they did not have the strength I had found within me to fight for my rights, for being connected to the Divine.

        They sent me to the army hospital of the city of Nancy where I stayed for many weeks, on hold. Everyday single day, they did X-Rays on me.

It was their revenge. However I did not know I could have refused them also, for the sake of my health. They had to abuse once again. If hell exists on earth, I had found the men who create it. Like in the many hidden messages of the movie, AVATAR by James Cameron, those who pretend to fight against the enemy and call the others 'terrorists' are in fact the enemy/terrorists themselves. This applies so well to my experience with the army in France.  My compassion goes to the soldiers that go to the army or are deployed in war zones, and find themselves brainwashed by officers who abuse their authority and in which they lose their souls and their heartfelt connection.  After a few weeks in the hospital doing nothing but playing cards with other mates,
I was sent back to the camp to return the army clothing. In order for them to send me home before the end of my duty, they had told me that the only option for that would be to state me as 'foul crazy person', which could be dramatic for a person working in the Administration of the country (post office, some banks, city hall, governmental buildings, etc).  
I accepted since I knew I would never work in those places anyway.and I did not care whether on paper, I was considered under the French law as a unstable person (lol)  Since that 'instability saved me from hell, so be it!

I had to sleep there for one more night but one officer was in charge of my safety. I saw through an open door of the clinic of the camp all the mates of the dorm whom either had a broken leg or arm or a wrap around neck support . They did not see me. I did not go to talk to them.

At last, for the officers' last revenge, they had me miss the train to go back to Paris, which had me wait all night at the station waiting for the next train.  I had no money and the ticket that the army provided me with for that specific train was not valid anymore, so the controller gave me a ticket. That was their last low-rated revenge to me.

        Once again, the angels had saved my life. My mom admitted that my dad had totally left his job aside (as a farmer) for weeks in order to execute step by step what I (=the Angels) had told him to do, which worked out so wonderfully.

      The moral of this inedit and personal story is that when you are connected to who you truly are and to the power of what surrounds you, what is above you,  you are always safe, protected through the Divine guidance. Trust your inner voice. Your Higher Self sometimes may want to tell you something, so learn to listen to the Higher part of Your Self more often.

Happy New Year 2010

From my heart to yours,

Frederic Delarue 


Your head
or your heart?  

We hear a lot "Follow your heart, not your head."

It sounds so easy to say it, but for many of us whom have taken the habit to plan and think way too much about everything, its a challenging task.

"Am I going to listen to what my heart tells me?"

Your head is most often ruled by the 'ego' in the story.

Your heart is the 'God within You', the "divine connection with the Source" talking to you. 
You feel and see with the eyes of your heart, which creates an instantaneous responseto any situation.

Your head (= the 'ego') may lead you to extreme situations where you are and/or feel controlled, but also confused, which ultimately gives you a good amount of anxiety, stress,  leading  to the #1 disease in the world = Depression! And you often feel depressed because your Higher Self, and the core essence of your Being knows that you are not living your own life. So you feel down to do that to yourself. Ego brings forth disappointment because of too much expectation, confusion, sense of being lost.

Your heart, however, brings forth the Joy, the radiance of your Being, because this is the 'Divine in You' talking to you.

Nobody else can tell me how my heart feels. Only me can feel that. So if you ask everybody for their own opinion about a subject/decision that could be done only through the heart, it is obvious that all these opinions from others may not ring  a positive bell within you, and may even let you more depleated and confused, because nobody else but you can feel what your heart feels.

When your heart opens up suddenly when thinking of a situation, and sparkles of millions of Joy within you and your body, you just pinpointed what makes you happy.

When we live daily by whats logical for the brain thinker, it may get hard and complicated. Simplifying your life with less thinking and more heartfelt moments may lead you to live your own life and therefore, feel totally happy and serene in any situation.

So do you wish to live by your head, or by your heart?

From my heart to yours,

Frederic Delarue

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE (Angels & Beings of Light)

Near-Death Experience
(Angels and Beings of Light)


Are you living

your own life?

Returning from a business trip of 8 days to NYC, I felt like sharing about what I was able to observe.
NYC made me think of a mega ants nest. Like I mention in my book 'Eyes of Your Heart', I learned during a NDE at age 12 to see Life from different perspectives, angles, which enables me to see the bigger picture of things, events, situations, etc.  Many times, I feel like a complete stranger, observing people on earth, their behaviors, their attitudes, routine, etc.

Do you actually think you are accomplishing something big or not? Do you judge it? Does it really matter?
The truth is that it is only relative to your own small world. I do not mean to sound negative by saying 'your small world' but I take it as perception to a greater scheme of things, considering the planets and galaxies around and far from ours.
For us humans, we may think we do great things, such as Donald Trump may think he is accomplishing great things, by building Empires around the world, such as his mega Tower in NYC, however in the big scheme of things, that Tower is a tiny little 'dot' in the Universe. For the CEO of that Tower, it may be and mean a great deal of pride; If you walk by it, it may look impressive; But to a  far planet in the galaxies, it is nothing, or part of the whole such as a sand grain or dust in the desert.
It is all relative.
Ex: If you consider that your Universe is made of your home, your job and your partner, then any issue that will come up, related with any of these three matters will be a great deal/very important to you,  take a huge size in your life.
Makes sense?
Like for the ants, the Queen may think she is all that important, having her workers build up her Empire, but to most humans eyes, it is so little that we don't even see it. We may walk on a nest or hose water on a nest without noticing it.  [For the ants, its a great deal of a disaster, but for us, we did not even notice it.]

People in NYC felt like these worker ants, very active, always doing something, running all over the place, living in a bubble/dome of noises and distractions.
For someone living daily in this World, without taking time off to look back at what's important or essential in life, it can become very easy to live a life that is not yours, simply because you live the 'system of the City', swallowed in that world.  Noises being part of your daily life 24/7 always bring distraction from your own Self. Violent or tribal rhythmic music will easily bring forth disconnection, like demonstrated Dr. Masaru Emoto in his work with water and sounds (see pictures of crystals after exposing my first 3 albums  to water.)
For someone who is dis-connected from Self, it will be feel 'normal' or comfortable to continue and/or even to search for that pattern, because it is the known comfort zone.  Without being aware of the consequences: co-creating problems, dramas, issues of any kind, and to need to listen to more of this violent or tribal rhythmic music, or heavy drinking, drugs, and so forth. It can also be characterized by the constant need to have always tons of people around you, that you may call friends, or acquaintances, to fill up the empty space within you that makes you feel uncomfortable.

To life Your Own Life, Silence is a necessity!
Silence does not have to be pure silence around you, outside of you, but mostly within you!
Someone living in the bubble/dome of noises (low earthly vibration) may be more  susceptible to experiencing depression, anxiety, emptiness, etc.

What to do to live your own life?
* Listen regularly to a music that makes you feel uplifted, during and after wards;
* Take a walk in nature and listen to the Power of Silence.  If silence or being alone scares you off, go to a small park where there are some people and children and start focusing (not on people watching) but on nature, a tree, a flower, a bird, an ant, etc. Look at a leaf and zoom your entire attention in that leaf, to the extend to hear any sound or vibration radiating from this living leaf.
Practice, Practice, Practice... then eventually you will be ready to be alone in nature, which means you will be aware and ready to see/meet/feel all the living beings in nature.
To me, being alone only exist when you are not aware of your surrounding, or when you feel nothing besides you exist, or can communicate with you. This could mean a very depressive life than thinking there is nothing else but you.
I learned, during the first NDE I have experienced at age 12, that what we  see with our physical eyes is only 5% to 15% of what is!

I hope this little note helped you to develop a little bit more your awareness today :)

Remember that I am not imposing any ideas on you.
I am only sharing,
from my heart to yours :)
Musically Yours,

Frederic Delarue.



Frederic Delarue