Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Dear Loving Lights,   
Happy New Year 2013 !

Time for the resolution for the new year ! 
Time for forgiveness to ourselves for what we were not able to achieve this year, for what we may have said to someone that was not nice, or did not come across as the nicest thing to say...
Time to forgive anyone who may have hurt us in any way.
Time to leave the past behind and focus only on the present, which will materialize our future.

Since Dec. 21, 2012 we have the two feet in a new era, whether we are aware of it or not, and whether we like it or not !  Again, we cannot do things the same way that it was done before. So let's see how Governments and Elites of the world will adjust to doing that.   I heard of many souls choosing to depart Earth as the adjustment to the new vibrations and frequencies are intense and sometimes too intense for some.  As a sensitive person, I can tell you it has moved me. Some nights i could not sleep at all, and others where i would sleep so deeply like being in a different place of gravity. It has been very interesting.

It is time more than ever to be also aware and take fully conscious of our thoughts and words, whether they are spoken or mental.  More than ever now, in this new era, we will be able to materialize the physical aspects of our thoughts quicker and/or easier.  So be aware and cancel clear when you catch yourself doing the opposite.

I wish you a happy new year, a year filled with warm blessings, a good health, and to stay alert, awake, alive, and kind to your Self.

We receive blessings all the time.  But we are not always aware that the events we live through, are such !  Open the eyes of your heart even more to see anything with a more global vision, with a much wider and higher perspective.

I love you dearly and am extremely grateful to your loyalty in liking my music.  This music comes from a higher place and you are blessed to get it.  I humbly will continue to receive this music and offer it to you and the world, ready to receive it.

Be well,
Many Angel Blessings to All of You,
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Thank you.

Inspiring Veterans ...


I was just telling you about 2013 and the changes, transformations since December 21, 2012 that never meant to be the end of the world, but the beginning of a new cycle, era on earth.

We've done the material, the physical stuff, we destroyed lots of places on this planet for that. So we've done all that.
Now comes the spiritual matter, or era.

While writing i keep writing "ear' instead of era, and that makes me say that YES, we got to use our "ear' to listen, be more sensitive to what matters the most in life, what is essential to us all, and that is probably LOVE, PEACE !

For examples, our dear Veterans that Governments and ultimately us, since we elect our governments. That makes us responsible too. So we sent male and female soldiers to be killed or at best traumatized for life for what they have seen with their own eyes, and what they have felt in the eyes of their own hearts, what they have gone through.

Now they come back, and their families are so excited about it and probably do not understand whey some of them may not be happy to be back, or are somewhat 'elsewhere', not fully here, they are OFF.  Well yeah... who wouldn't be OFF coming back from Hell.
I heard this from a good friend of mine, Debbie, who is going to start working with them in the year to come, in the  State of Texas.  These Vets no matter how old they are, gays, lesbians, straights, SERVED their country. Or at least they thought they did !  When realizing that in fact, they served the "1%" as wars were great tools to make more money, by selling military machines. Apparently many of them come back with a totally different mind set.  They now refuse to go to war, which creates issues within their families that do not understand them anymore.  They refuse to go to war, as they finally understood that serving your country was not by killing but by Peace ! 

Here were are in 2013, and like i said many times, since Dec. 21, 2012, things can never be the same, ever, and in a good and greater way !  If Vets start to talk about their own NEW TRUTH, and get the help needed to express themselves, which will start a healing process, as spoken or written words often provide to those who write or speak them, they (our Dear Veterans) can continue to SERVE our country and the World, by telling their new truth: that we can only make a difference through PEACE! Not Wars !!!
Time to wake up, time to awaken, time for their families to understand what they are going through, too.
Time to co-create PEACE !!!

I will follow the program being established in Texas, as it is something dear to my heart. They will continue to serve their country, by saying NO to wars, and YES to Peace !

Very truly inspiring and awakening when you will start hearing these stories from the Vets mouths !