Friday, October 8, 2010


The Power of Silence
Imagine taking a CD that you know is blank and put it in a CD player and listen to the power that silence provides you when you pay attention to it. You may think that silence is nothing, but in the nothingness of 'nothing', there is everything. Like when someone thinks he knows everything, very often, it tells you right there that he knows nothing just because he tries so hard to make a big deal of the little that he knows. (smile)

A great masseur in the Palm Desert Healing Arts Center told me one day that since he is blind, he was able to see much more than ever before. We should all meditate to this sentence... because of this, he is able to see exactly where and why you hurt. Isn't that the total truth? Our physical eyes limit us to see beyond...

This goes to my first Near Death Experience at age 12 when I realized that what we see with our physical eyes is only 15% of what is. Imagine if you were able to see the other 85% out there.  

Frederic Delarue

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