Friday, October 8, 2010


On this day of September 28, 2009 I was working on my computer at home when suddenly I felt an urge to go out on my terrasse. Of course, as usual I looked up at the sky first and I saw an unusual cloud all by itself in the middle of this vivid clear blue sky. I started taking pictures, then like I explain it in my book, started to observe it with more intensity till I saw what normally the physical eyes do not capture.
I could see a line like a tail of the cloud, like an energy being originated from the cloud. It is very subtle but I took a picture because usually pictures sometimes may show things that are univisible to the eye. From experience, I learned that from taking pictures of spirits, faires in the forest.
Later on that evening, I played with the contrast editing tool and you will see what I mean when you look up at those pictures that I put online for you to see right here. What was so subtle to the eye, even by focusing on the subject appeared to be a spectacular picture. We do not always pay attention to what is beyond what our eyes can see. From my NDE at age 12, I knew that our eyes can only see 15% at the most of what is, so imagine with a little patience and practice the other 85% that is for you to see through the eyes of your heart.

Fairies will show themselves to you when you radiate pure love from your heart. Then if you focus in seeing them with your physical eyes, you may or may not see them. But if you relax, take a picture while communicating through the eyes of your heart, the fairies may appear on your picture ;-)

Have fun experiencing... Automn is a great season to do that.

Photos of Clouds in English

Photos des Nuages en Francais 

From my Heart to Yours,
Frederic Delarue

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