Monday, July 1, 2013

Please Pray for the 19 Firefighers who died in blaze in Yarnell, Arizona

Please join me by praying for these 19 souls to gently accept to go toward the Light.
Dying from flames is probably one of the worse death possible.
There is a reason why in the Middle Ages, they were burning people at the stake, so they can go to “hell.”
In a natural death, occurred by age or by long time illness, the soul will start departing before the body dies. In some cases, the soul will depart at time of death, or little time after the body’s death.
In violent and brutal deaths, such as unpredictable murder, car accidents, dying from avalanche, etc. the soul usually does not have time to gently depart the body, and sometimes the soul gets stuck, wandering in the ether.
But the worse of all is probably dying from flames of fire.
When they used to say “burn to hell” in the Middle Ages, it probably had a religion connotation at the time. However “hell” may have been created, since the soul would wander after that, wondering what happened.
Haunted houses often reflect a spirit that did not have time to depart the body, and therefore did not accept the death of its body, and/or the separation with the body, and therefore did not understand why other people are inhabiting a home, the home they used to live in. Often sensitive people can feel that “presence.”
Hopefully these brave and courageous firefighters do not wander in the ether after their bodies’ death yesterday, but in case some of them do, especially those with a family and young children, please take some time to meditate, and pray.
It is very important to connect/talk to their souls,  and tell them what happened to their bodies, so their souls can depart and move forward. Then visualize their souls gently going toward the Light.
When a soul cannot depart, it will not only affect the soul itself negatively, but his direct family as well, for the grieving time to be consumed. When a soul keeps wandering and does not leave, the family will not be able to grieve properly, and therefore will be harder to move forward. 
So your prayers are more than necessary in this case.
Thank you.
Frederic Delarue