Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are you ready for 12-12-12 ?

Are you ready for 12-12-12 ?

Dear Loved Loving Souls and Hearts,

Have you felt strange lately, and this for several months already ? When i say "strange", I mean feeling lost, distracted and a hard time to focus ?
Well happy to let you know that you are totally NORMAL ! :-)
This is because of the transmutation and a cleansing of the dark side(s) of our own self and our Society, a global awakening and an assimilation to new frequencies for this new era starting on Dec. 21, 2012. 

On 12/12/12, I invite you to be and feel in the core Center of this transmutation, and to allow to the Light of your Hearts to shine within your own Loving Self, in your mind, spirit, body, and see that this Light flow in you and us all, living beings on earth, bringing forth rains of blessings for a global Awakening and Ascension towards Unconditional Pure Love and Harmony of our Hearts !

Finally the Time has come to close the chapter and put a final end to an era, old of 25,000+ years, that taught us to learn the power of fears, sufferings and repeated errors/mistakes. This long period of suffering that I can also call "School" taught us to understand the superior nature of our Self, our Higher Self, a difference perception of our Self and life in general.
Now we have now graduated from the school of pain and suffering, and understood that we no longer need to believe in the power of fears and that fear is virtual, only becomes when we give it power, when we give it our power away !  We learned now that we got to be/live/breathe with the deeper knowing of the core essence of our being, with authenticity, truth to our Selves for a life that is and can only be in peace when practiced with peace, unconditional love, wisdom and truth.
On 12/12/12 at 12:00PM, we will close the Chapter to open a new Chapter, the creation of A New Life, the one when you finally can  live and see through the Eyes of Your Heart.

Why the world seems so chaotic then ?

Don't let yourself being fooled by what the Governments are trying to do, to convince you to believe that you got to fear. This is the only way for them, their most powerful tool in order to continue to brainwash you and make you a puppet.

It is absolutely a necessity to be and feel at peace and to keep positive thoughts in your mind and in your heart, even if you are in the midst of any challenges or turmoil.  Think with clarity and be authentic to your Self.  Keep seeing the world as you wish it to be. When you feel you are giving your power away like it has been a custom to do so for thousands of years, it is now THE TIME to regain your power and claim your own truth as your only truth !

During this portal of awakening on 12/12/12, bring forth this new life, and help the rays of Love coming from beyond our Galaxy to reach our Mother Earth.
On 12/12/12 the Great Portal opens, which will close the Chapter of Life as we knew it. Those who are still holding on to the old Paradigm, for their own interests, may become even more violent, or disturbed. We might see an escalation of violence from countries with disturbed governments before the arrival of Dec. 21, 2012.  This is their very last chance to maintain their powers. The final fights of the brutal ! The tragic incident of the mass shooting at a Mall in Portland, Oregon on 12/11/2012 is another attempt for us all to be clinged to our TVs and be filled with more fears...  Syria, North Korea, and so on... are getting agitated.  Isn't that their goal anyway to distract you from being/feeling PEACE and radiate it to one another ??? So this event shows the perfect example used to distract you from PEACE !
Again, please do not let yourself be fooled by these attempts.  PEACE will prevail as we enter the new ERA!

But know that as a whole, we all can make a difference and bring forth PEACE once in for all, which may neutralize the negative energies. It is totally possible.
9 days after 12/12/12, will be 12/21/2012.  The number 9, as the great symbol of birth pregnancy to conception, materialization on the 9th month = 9th day after 12/12/12 = Dec. 21, 2012 !

A great mantra to say to yourself and visualize that ray of Loving Light radiate and touch anything, any being around you:

What to do on 12/12/12:
Sunrise: Celebrate the Sunrise and breathe in the Celebration of the new Times to come
At Noon: Go to a place that is Sacred to you, and be in synchronicity with this end of time and the new life to come. Be the change you wish to see around you ! Be the world you wish to live in !
Sunset: Offer the Loving Light that You Are so the end of this Cycle of thousands of years of sufferings, this transition toward the new era, to come to completion as smooth as possible.

With Love and Light,