Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2013 vs. 2012

2013 vs. 2012

This is a topic that many have talked in the last years.
What is going to happen in 2012?
Is anything going to happen in 2012?

The World has known for a long time (well at least since the beginning of Time, as we know it), that fear control people and make them do & think whatever their 'Government' wants them to do. That's nothing new. But being aware of it, could make the whole difference in the world.

Of course, everybody talks about 2012, and what do you hear? The end of the world, etc. More fears... Remember, your Government will always have the medicine/solution to what they may have co-created. It will go by steps of fears, and more fears, till you see what they offer you, as the only solution, and you will embrace it and perhaps even honor them for 'saving' you. I am not trying to become political here, but during my Near-Death Experience, I received the gift of clarity, and it is my duty to present you with something to make you think, or to meditate about with an open heart and mind.

In our Society, if people had more clarity on who they truly are, Governments would have no control and no power on anybody. Most people look like 'zombies' walking, sleeping, going to work, driving, without even having any conscious on who they are and what they are doing and why they are doing it.
They are just doing things...
Will that last for ever?
Of course, not!

2012 vs. 2013 is the big battle between those who like to entertain the fears (2012) and those who like to wish or believe or just know, deep inside, that a New Age 'the Age of Light' is finally coming (2013). And I am not talking here of the New Age Movement of the 60's .

2012 is often mentioned as the end of the world. If you have read my book "Eyes of Your Heart",  you know that anything occurring around you is like an illusion, which takes either
a painful reality or a blessing in disguise reality, depending on the perception you have about a particular event.

2012 has been a great tool for those who want to entertain the fears toward humanity. The Mayan calendar is ending. So does that really mean it is the end of the end? Or could that
simply symbolize just a new beginning.

Well the end of something is always a new beginning anyway. A physical death is a new beginning for the soul to another dimension, that has a global vision and clarity of it all.

Two wonderful people, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, that
I met when I was invited to play my music in Washington DC last August, talked about it as they now live with the Mayans. If you are interested, you can read their book by clicking here.
They asked the Mayans "So is 2012 the end of the World?" The Mayans just laughed out loud and said that the Mayan Stone Calendar ends in 2012, only because the World will not need to write in stone anymore, as we enter in the World of Light.

My take on this, is that the stone symbolizes the material world, the greed, the pollution that has fooled many minds into darkness. We see the change, from books to internet, which shows the transition from paper to virtual. So maybe one day will we be able to read books, and anything, in the Light of the clarity of our minds?

That is why I always like to listen to the Dolphins... A Message of Love CD quite often, each time I feel heaviness in my surrounding. It washes the negative emotions, like waves of love, entering all aspects of my Beings.

So, should we be worried about 2012 ? Well, the world is taking a major shift, that did not occur for so long. So of course, natural elements will shift with it,  presenting us with more unusual natural 'changes'.
The North Pole has already started its course to move from Greenland toward Siberia, which will have an impact on the climate change. The World Economic collapse of the industrialized Nations follows also this example, going from material world to a more spiritual world. Everything always happens for a reason. People losing their homes feel the world betrayed them, for not owing anything anymore, while this guy, Derek Sivers, founder of the empire of CD Baby & HostBaby, to help musicians, gave everything he owed for finding freedom, using the divine resources of his mind. Click here to read it. Its worth it. It feels like we are given always and more and more opportunities to feel and touch the beauty of freedom. Of course, during a transition time like this one, its not easy to lose your home when you have a family to cherish, and when the industrialized Society taught you for ever to believe, that you are worth something, only when you owe something. So we owe a house, a car, a dog, and in many cases, a wife or husband. I may sound silly to you for saying that, but, in reality, this is what happens most of the time, in most families. Just because we do things without taking the time to know why we do things that way. So we have no global vision of it. And if we do not know how to feel and see through the eyes of our heart, we do not see anything and we keep living that illusion that was presented to us, for our convenience ;) It reminds me one of my favorite US movie, closer to reality that we may think: The Truman Show.

I hope this little discussion was helpful to you, and opened your eyes, in case they were not yet open :)
With kindness and Gratitude to you.

From my heart to yours,
Frederic Delarue

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