Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waking up from deep coma

Waking up 
from deep coma

I received a phone call a few months ago from a lady whom, after reading my book 'Eyes of Your Heart', had questions regarding a member of her family being in the deep coma from a motorcycle accident.
I shared how I had felt in the deep coma, and the difference between being in a deep coma and a Near-Death Experience.
I asked her about her behavior when she goes visit her nephew in the coma at the hospital? Does she cry? Does she speak loud? Does she beg him for coming back? What is the signal she sends out to him?

Amazingly, most people in that situation, will do the opposite of what should be done.
Let me explain my own experience:  In the deep coma, I could hear everything, with the sound multiplied by x100 and with echoes. What it means, is that, I could hear a whisper yards away as if the person was standing next to me; and when people would cry, it would turn out to be like an aggressive noise in my head. Even people's emotional pain/suffering would translate as a sound frequency that would feel so horrible to me (while being in the coma) -- Understand that, being in the coma, means that you are between two worlds: the world of unconditional pure and warm Light, and the world of Earth,  more physical and therefore, heavy;--
Now imagine this. You are in the deep coma between these two worlds. Someone (probably a loved one) is sitting next to you, cries and demonstrates her pain, in your presence, while inviting you to 'come back'.
The cries would feel to you, like a very aggressive and loud noise, complemented of a very emotional pain, that is almost unbearable.  Which way would you take? The peaceful gentle Light or the earthly drama painful way?  In the same type, would you rather choose a life partner that is peaceful, gentle, or someone that makes drama and makes you feel stressed?
Without a doubt, you would choose the Light, the Unconditional Peace!

Crying and demonstrating your pain in front of someone who is in the coma, can bring forth the opposite outcome of what you had wished so hard.

Going back to the story, this charming lady tells me that she probably did not do the right thing then.
So I explained her how to behave:
*to leave her emotional pain and suffering behind, before she approaches even the hospital
*to force herself to be joyful inside of her, meaning confident that all that is, is what supposed to be (This is called Faith! I mean, total blind faith.)
*to talk very gently, or to talk mentally to him
*to explain him where he is at, and that, no matter which way he chooses to go, you are OK with it (and mean it!) Nothing is more terrible than a lie, or a word that is not meant, sincerely. Remember: when you are in the coma, you can sense EVERYTHING but cannot respond to anything!

Understand that you got to prove him, in a way, that Life on Earth is as Good as Life in the Light!
Between peace and drama, you choose peace, so remember to be peace when you visit someone in the coma. This is the only way to invite that person to come back and continue his journey on earth.

She asked me if there would be any of my CDs that could help to this. So intuitively, I felt guided to tell her that the CD "Reflection" may help. This CD is low key, gentle, not imposing, soothing, yet with mostly piano sounds.
Piano is physical, material, from Earth. So it is used, in this case, as a grounding tool, as a gentle soothing invitation to ground himself to soothing and peaceful Earth.
She called me back a few days later, to let me know that he woke up, while playing the CD to him at low volume, which I had highly suggested.

Remember, in the coma, I could hear every single feeling as a sound, and every single sound was awfully amplified.

When I was in the coma, and my dad came in the ambulance, I mentally told the nurse attributed to this task, to get my dad out. In the instant, the nurse told my dad to get out. I knew, that if my dad had stayed in the ambulance, crying, blaming himself, etc. I would have gone the other way, which is the Light way! In the coma, you cannot respond. You can only be patient, or choose one way or the other. When it becomes too unbearable of noise, of cries, of loudness and too painful, you gotta go... in the Light.

So please, share these words with anyone you know who may have someone in this situation.
From my heart to yours,
Frederic Delarue