Friday, December 14, 2012

Please Pray Now for the Souls of the Children...

Prayers of Light for Tragedy in Connecticut

Prayers of Light for Tragedy in Connecticut

When i learned about this tragedy on the radio while driving, I cried right away as tears acted as prayers of Light for those children and adults whose precious life have been shortened. It took me a while to be able to start writing.

I know too well that the Souls of those who are murdered or killed brutally, in any circumstances, need a lot of prayers, a lot of Loving LIGHT in order to find the Light. Otherwise their Souls may wander for a long time, as they do not understand even that their bodies are dead, therefore they need to move on to the Light.  
 We find these Souls in places such as [what we call] 'haunted houses' or places where some people report seeing or feeling the presence of ghosts.  Those are often Souls who have not accepted their deaths, or who simply do not understand what happened, so they wander in the spiral of darkness until they find the Light.

While writing the blog for 12-12-12, two days ago, I had mentioned that things might escalade as we are getting closer to Dec. 21, 2012, day when we will have officially the two feet in the new era. This does not mean peace will come overnight without any more tragedies to come. It only means that we will have two feet in the new era !

The transition toward the Light will last for a couple of years. Souls elected (whether part of governments programs or civilians) to try to convince anyone to continue to live in the Old Paradigm, will try or will feel motivated to do anything. Such as the moon can have an effect on people's stress and mood, the transition toward the Light will motivate some to the extreme acts of violence, in attempts to try to ground people to FEARS !
Nature itself also will start moving (earthquakes, climate changes, etc) while the transition occurs.
Who can kill innocent victims ? What kind of moment of extreme disturbance must occur in the minds of those creating these acts of horror ?
However victims get killed and murdered and raped and tortured every single day in the world, in Syria, in Rwanda, in Iran, in Iraq, and so on... and in our own backyard! 

It is a little strange and/or 'coincidental' to witness that since the government would like to be able to have a gun control established in the US, we see more and more young people suddenly starting to do mass shooting !?!?  Anybody listening ?  

This is again, like I mentioned in the blog called "Are you ready for 12-12-12 ?", attempts to ground you into the power of fears, which is the only way 'some people', usually our own governments and armies have found to control mass population to imposed, forced ideologies corresponding to 'those people's agendas. 

We can talk and discuss about all this, conspiracies or realities later. 
However FOR RIGHT NOW,  we need to focus helping the Souls whose physical life have been shortened, by praying and sending LIGHT to them. Send them Unconditional Love and show them the path to the Light. It is extremely painful but this is yet the very best thing we can do to the Souls of these innocent children and adults.
Thank you.
Frederic Delarue.