Friday, October 8, 2010


The world is changing, the universe is shifting, people are awakening, and we all experience the raising vibrational frequency with or without awareness of it. It is a time in History where we are all invited to look in the eyes of our hearts to see and feel the clarity in everything.
The truth is now unfolding and it is been revealed to the eyes of those who allow themselves to see.

Many people have recently experienced loss of material things. If we choose to judge, we can blame the Governments worldwide for letting that happen and using our tax money unaccordingly. If we choose to see the positive side of the occurring shift, and as we are moving into the Aquarius Era (the Spiritual Era), these events are opportunities for us to connect again to the Source, and to recollect who we truly are and the essential in life.

We have to remember that we are souls before anything, souls living a human experience. We have been used to take the material things for granted during the last century and more so in the last 60 years. The abuse of the increasing need of material things consequently led to the detriment of our planet. There is a time now to see what is essential and use our knowledge, experience and experiment throughout the ages to live more in harmony and in respect with our environment, with Nature.

Many times, I noticed in different cities or what became suburban areas that Nature was destroyed for the building of homes. Could we build our homes with respect of Nature?

There is this time in the now where we are invited to rethink how to live with more respect towards Nature, our planet and ourselves.

If we take in consideration the power of the universal law of attraction, we receive what we send out. If we send out the destruction of nature for our own selfishness, we will receive the same energy. Do we really want to contribute to the destruction of our planet and by consequence of ourselves?

Appreciate the simple things in life, the simple and essential foods, a simple walk in nature while looking and observing every living element of nature whether it is a rock, a flower, a plant, a tree, a crystal, and so forth.

These words are not a statement but only thoughts of wisdom that we are invited to meditate on.

Much Loving Peace to all of you.

Frederic Delarue

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Violet said...

I love your post, very enlightening, I hope we all make it into the Golden Age of Aquarius